Kevin O’Leary


Ethan Wang-So '19, Staff Writer

Kevin O Leary is one of Canada’s most successful business owners. He helped found Softkey, a company that distributes CD-ROM or compact disks that contain data. However, he is most famous for being on one of America’s most revered business television shows, Shark Tank, which airs on the American Broadcasting Company. Despite his success in business, O’Leary is now a shining topic in the political world. He is running for the biggest position in his home country, Prime Minister of Canada. O’Leary is leading the Conservative Party of Canada until 2019, which is when he hopes to take the Prime Minister position.

O’Leary claims he is going to make the life of current liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “absolute hell.” The British Broadcasting Company called O’Leary “Canada’s Donald Trump.” O’Leary says that he was inspired by Donald Trump and claims that Trudeau’s policies are too “out of sync” with the current United States. He recently cited a report by the Canadian Department of Finance, which shows that nation debt could increase to one trillion dollars and the country could run deficits for 40 years. On an interview with CNBC, Kevin O’Leary made an astonishing quote: “You saw it in Britain, you saw it in Canada, it certainly happened in the states. People are no longer happy with politicians. They want people that have exceptional track records.” He might be right, too. With conservative leaders such as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and Theresa May holding a lot of the spotlight, who knows what Kevin O’Leary might be able to accomplish before the election in 2019?

But what, exactly, are his policies? Well, first off, Kevin O’Leary thinks that Canada should start increasing infrastructure capital and attract companies to set up shop in their nation. He says that he would only increase the country’s spending contribution to NATO once the Canadian GDP hits three percent. Canada ranks near bottom of NATO in terms of defense spending. O’Leary also claims that Canada isn’t growing anymore and that they aren’t able to afford any of the commitments in health care or education. He also says that his number one priority is jobs. Everything else is below that on O’Leary’s list.

There’s no guarantee to Kevin O’Leary’s success, but to conservatives in Canada, he is a savior. Just like Trump, O’Leary is also a big businessman and holds almost all the same views as him. There is no doubt that Canada has been pretty well known for being a liberal nation, but can the silent group of conservatives in Canada help raise O’Leary to the top? It’s hard to say whether he is able to compete in liberal Canada, but only time will tell.