The New and Updated Hogan Hall


Mark Wyville

Daniel Nunez '20, Staff Writer

As most students saw when they first walked through the front doors on September 11th, many things have changed at Prep, one being the renovation of the seventy-five-year-old building Hogan Hall. Built in 1942, Hogan Hall is located on the West Campus and is home to some of the many math, religion, and history classes at Prep. The building is named after Michael Hogan S.J.

Hogan Hall was first blessed on March 15, 1942. After Fr. Comey commenced a ceremony, the blessing was performed by Right Reverend Monsignor Charles J. Doyle. He was assisted by Fr. Hogan as deacon and Fr. Shalloe as subdeacon. At the time, Hogan was occupied by five senior classes and six junior classes. The top floor was dedicated to house science lectures.

During the summer of 2017, the building went under a thirteen-week renovation and was re-dedicated during a ceremony on September 21st. The walls in Hogan were painted and, the installation of new TV’s, clocks, standing desks, and white boards gave the classrooms a brand new facelift. Students can also enjoy the additions of backpack hooks to their desks. Students, like myself, most enjoy the addition of the enormous smart TV’s in the classroom. These can be used to watch movies, do math problems, and much more. Along with Hogan under renovation, some changes were made to the O’keefe Commons as well; new flooring was installed in both buildings.

With the countless number of construction workers and their hard work, students are nothing but grateful. Both future and current students will spend their days inside Hogan Hall graphing functions and studying the Great War until the next renovation.