Protecting Student Journalism


Logan Elliot, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The very fact that you and anyone else on the internet can currently read my writing leads to great gratification. Once a piece of writing is published, I feel a sense of pride when I spot my tagged name with my words and ideas.

The Petroc unites the greater Prep community with students and their experiences. Much like the walls and stairs of Prep, the Petroc has been part of the Prep community for ages, allowing people to read articles written from a student perspective. Students’ work is forever memorialized through our current online vehicle:  Our digital newspaper spotlights the hallway heroes of our school and gives space for our writers to interact with those outside their “bubbles.” Overall, the Petroc has allowed students to find their respective creative writing voices while being part of our school’s storied legacy.

A fellow writer from the graduating class of 2022, Charlie Dino, shares his love for the Petroc: “Writing has always been something I have really enjoyed, but it is often restricted to a specific structure or a specific assignment of mine. This is where the journalistic writing of the Petroc comes in. The Petroc has provided me with an outlet to find my voice by writing about a wide array of topics that interest me any given week. The opportunity and freedom that has been given to me by writing for the newspaper is truly unmatched by any other student organization.”

Although these are compelling reasons to preserve newspapers, many school publications around the country have shut down due to budget cuts or have been stripped of their rights due to battles over free speech.  As we look to the future, Prep’s beloved newspaper cannot fall victim to the same fate. We will continue to innovate and look forward to producing continued stellar writing.

As you wait for another issue, I highly recommend looking back at past articles and the histories they embody!