Not a Normal Year for Winter Sports!

Not a Normal Year for Winter Sports!

Lawrence Toler, Staff Writer

Winter is upon us!

And of course, with winter comes winter sports.

However, due to the COVID pandemic, winter sports (such as hockey) have had their start dates repeatedly delayed. During a recent zoom meeting with the hockey team, Coach Such reminded players that the situation is, and will most likely remain, very fluid. Initially, the state of New Jersey moved back the start date for indoor winter sports. Then, in response to rising transmission rates, the state decided that if a high school had access to an outdoor rink, practice could begin. As soon as Prep’s hockey coaching staff heard the news, they pulled the trigger, announcing Prep Puck would begin on Monday, December 14.

Prep Puck is anticipating the official start of the season in early January.  As of now, we are putting in the work to prepare for our first showdown, with or without the pandemic.

Although this is sure to be a strange season, please do your best to support your Mauraders knowing each game counts in a shortened season!