Prep Christmas Video 2022


Henry Eig, Staff Writer

As is annual tradition when the holiday season approaches, students anxiously look towards their long-awaited break, don their warmest Prep turtlenecks, and get to watch the latest addition to the Saint Peter’s Christmas video catalog! For over 40 years, the Prep TV Studio has worked tirelessly to produce school-related spoofs of our favorite cult classics for both Christmas and Halloween, creating a beautiful combination of irony, slap-stick comedy, and Prep-exclusive inside jokes.  Many can think back to the “Prep Alone” series of years past, or the most recent Halloween parody “Prepper Things” to get an idea of what might be in store for this year’s edition. Now, within mere days of Christmas break, the video will soon be released during mass on December 21st. 

I recently had the opportunity to interview the lead actor of the upcoming video in order to see what to expect at the next release, and what the process behind the TV Studio’s operations has been in general. I was informed that we are to expect much of the same this year as in the past with a few key differences. Although two actors are in lead roles for the first time, the production crew remains largely intact along with multiple recurring actors, including the highly-anticipated role of Mr. Morris. Additionally, many beloved teachers will be seen throughout the story; spots within the Saint Peter’s Prep campus can be recognized.

Along with the video itself, I was eager to hear about the behind-the-scenes work of the TV Studio’s creations. Beginning directly after the release of the Halloween video, the crew immediately got back to work on the task at hand. With this comes the brainstorming of ideas, script writing, casting of characters, filming, and finally editing before the final release. On top of the functions of the average Prep club, the studio puts in months of hard work to produce these works for the school, with hours in and out of the school day to get it done. For those interested in involving themselves in the spirit of the Prep community, or simply want to see themselves on the big screen for future productions, be sure to contact Stevie Vago ’23.

I distinctly remember my first introduction to the Saint Peter’s Prep family coming in the form of the 2017 Christmas video, “An Elf for Others.” My brother showed it to me as a freshman, wanting to point out all of the inside humor, teachers he had, friends who starred in it. There’s so much to Prep that makes it unique and the annual Christmas video is one of the best ways to collect and exemplify the special aspects of our school. If you ever need a reminder about how we go to the “Best School on Earth,” you don’t need to ask Dr. Gomez; all you have to do is visit the Saint Peter’s Prep TV Studio’s YouTube page!