A Very Classics Christmas


Ben Ackman, Editor, Staff Writer

In their own unusual way, the Classics Society gathered in Mr. Burokas’s classroom to celebrate the holidays at its annual Christmas party. These students, along with some visitors, enjoyed light refreshments, before departing to sing carols throughout the English building. Notably, upperclassmen represented almost all of the party’s attendance.

Food based on ancient Roman fare was prepared and brought in by members of the Society. Nick Skabich ’23 brought Tiger Nut Cake and tea, the former of which he says required copious amounts of butter and time. Nofer Tadros ’24, the club’s president, presented bread fried in milk, a delicious confection similar to French toast. Other dishes included walnuts, dates, and a cheesecake topped with bay leaves. 

After enjoying their food, the partygoers went out into the hall and prepared to carol; the beauty here is that their carols happened to be in Latin. Singing “Reno Erat Rudolphus” [“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer]” and “Aquafolia Ornate” (“Deck the Halls”) they serenaded the surrounding classrooms including E302, where the bewildered Ms. McElroy and the Celtic Club were having their own Christmas party. The group finished its festivities by walking and singing through the library, much to the bemusement of nearby spectators.

Both members and nonmembers of the Classics Society had a great time. “I enjoyed it very much,” said Leo Zamarra ‘23, who is not part of the club. Despite the party’s large turnout, the Society is still relatively small. It meets on ‘C’ days during Community Period and is moderated by Mr. Burokas. To join, contact Nofer Tadros ’24 or Tristen Whitworth ’23.