Three Years After Sandy

John Gaccione '18, Staff Writer

October 30, 2015 was the three year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a storm whose high winds and torrential rain turned the lives of people in the Northeast upside down. Many saw their homes completely destroyed, leaving them homeless during the coldest part of the year, while others were ultimately killed by this monster of a storm. This storm led to a long rebuilding process for communities affected, notably the Jersey Shore. In such a devastating time, Governor Christie was able to do his best in terms of helping this process, and even President Obama came to New Jersey in order to help and give his own aid. Three years later, however, this rebuilding stage continues.

Many homes are still being rebuilt today, and throughout the Jersey Shore, homes are being elevated and worked on. Other places were more affected than others, and possibly the most affected of all was Toms River. As the mayor of the town put it, “And that’s why the folks from the news media… dubbed us ‘Ground Zero of Superstorm Sandy.’” If those in an area where there was a severe impact were not directly affected, then they were still hurt in some way. For instance, over the past three years, taxes have gone up for them due to all of the damages caused by the storm. However, the Jersey Shore is not the only place that is still feeling the aftermath of Sandy. Many places in the Northeast, for example Staten Island, are still having to deal with its impacts. So while time passes and people are still dealing with issues caused by the hurricane, it makes one wonder whether or not its effects will truly ever go away. The only thing for people to do is to remain patient and wait for this long recovery to finally come to an end.