Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022: What You Need To Know!


Liam Telesca, Staff Writer

Group A


Of course, here’s the home team! Teams hosting the World Cup usually end up doing pretty well, although Qatar isn’t too special. They’re an average team, despite finishing third in the 2021 Arab Cup by doing well against some tough Algeria and Egypt opponents. All in all, they are the home team which could take them a long way.


Passion. After coming together as a team and playing pretty well in the World Cup qualifiers, Ecuador looks like they could be fine. Although, that is saying a lot for the amount of individual talent on this team.


Senegal may be the first team on this list posted as legit contenders. Led by the Bayern Munich goalscorer Sadio Mane, Senegal is one of the more physical teams in the World Cup. Also, they have a world class goalie in Edouard Mendy, who could get a lot of clutch saves. All of their individual talent will take them a long way in the tournament.


One of the most complete teams in the world. Led by the best defender in the world, Virgil Van Dijk, Netherlands is a very dangerous squad. I could see this team making it as far as the semi-finals with all their talent.

Group B


With as much young talent as England has, combined with it being led by one of the best goalscorers in the world in Harry Kane, this team can go far. England tends to do well in every World Cup. The only downside for England is that this is the first time many of their youngsters will be on the big stage, and they have not played well recently.


One of the most underrated teams in the world is Iran. Iran comes together great as a team with amazing chemistry. Not only that, but Iran is going into their third consecutive World Cup with great experience and an average age of 30.


U-S-A! U-S-A! Here we have one of the youngest teams with great potential in the World Cup. Led by Chelsea star Christian Pulisic and Juventus winger Weston Mckinnie, the USMNT look dangerous. After beating Mexico in the World Cup Qualifiers, it looks like the USA is ready to compete, and I will be rooting for them!


After qualifying for their first World Cup ever, Wales is ready. With the veteran Gareth Bale on their side, the team may be in luck. They have guys who have played in big games before, but none at the international level – which is a true challenge.



Again and again, Argentina continues to dominate. Why? They have the greatest player to ever touch foot to ball: Lionel Messi. Not only that, but with Angel Di Maria and Paulo Dybala as sidekicks, they are ready to win. Argentina has done well in the past and will do so again this year.

Saudi Arabia

A team that did their job getting to the World Cup was Saudi Arabia. Staying consistent, Saudi Arabia is not on everyone’s list to do well, but never count them out.


Mexico has continued to look fine in the World Cup qualifying stages. Led by the brick wall himself, Guillermo Ochoa, don’t be surprised if Mexico makes a deep run in Qatar.


Led by one of the world’s best players, Lewandowski, Poland looks like they could make a run. Poland usually makes it out of the group stage and with a great goalscorer on their side they could end up being a World Cup dark horse.

Group D


The defending champs, France has so much star power to make another deep run. With Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, Paul Pogba, they are star-studded if ever a team was. Their weakness is that they just can’t seem to stay healthy. They also should be concerned about flopping and being overconfident after winning the World Cup.


After barely making it to the World Cup, Australia is ready to impress fans for their fifth World Cup in a row. With this hot-and-cold team, it is tough to predict.


A great all-around team with great fans finds us studying Denmark. Led by veteran Christian Eriksen, Denmark seems to be a favorite to make a run in the World Cup again.


After upsetting a few teams to get where they are now, Tunisia has the passion to make something happen. They are another team where you don’t know if they’ll tank or make an unexpected run.

Group E


The 2010 World Cup champs are ready to make another deep run. With young talent in Gavi and Pedri and a leader like Sergio Ramos, Spain could be very dangerous. The only problem is that they’re still young, which could show through in big-pressure moments.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the experience to make a run in the World Cup. This will be their fifth consecutive showing.


One of soccer’s most consistent teams ever is Germany. Aside from getting knocked out in the group stage in 2018, Germany is a tough team to beat. The 2014 World Cup champs have the talent and coaching to win another. With veterans like Thomas Muller and Manuel Neur in goal, they are always dangerous.


Another one of the Cup’s most underrated teams is Japan. After coming so close to making it far a few World Cups in a row, Japan is ready for revenge. They will come together as a team and look to win.

Group F


A favorite this time through is Belgium. After making runs in consecutive World Cups, Belgium is looking more dangerous than ever. They have Kevin De Bruyne, one of the best players in the world, and Lukaku, a very physical and able goalscorer. They also boast Courtois, arguably the best goalie in the world. Belgium will make it very far in this World Cup.


After looking great in the World Cup Qualifiers, Canada can and should be dangerous. Led by the young defender, Alphonso Davies, Canada has the stardom and ability to make a deep run. I could see these guys being a Cinderella team.


Another underrated team is Morocco. They looked decent in the qualifiers and have the chemistry to win games.


Last World Cup’s dark horse sees Croatia. Once again, they have the talent in Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Ivan Perisic along with the chemistry to make another deep run.

Group G


One of the most talented teams year in and year out seems to be Brazil with stars all over the field. They have experience and they have chemistry. They have no weaknesses and will make it to the semi-finals, at least.


With Dusan Vlahovic on their side, they have the ability to put up goals. Putting up goals wins you games. Winning games will lead to a run. Mark it.


Switzerland tends to come together as a team and play pretty well in the World Cup. They could make it far in the World Cup if things go their way, but that’s a lot to ask.


Physical, Cameroon doesn’t have quite have much individual talent as others in the group, but they are passionate, disciplined and have great chemistry. That is the key to a deep run.

Group H


The stacked Portugal team is looking to make a deep run. They have players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Felix and Bruno Fernandes to name a few. Not only that, but they have experience in players like Pepe. Therefore, they are likely to go far.


Like Cameroon, Ghana is a physical team with great chemistry — two keys to doing well in the Cup.


One of my favorite teams in the cup is Uruguay. They have it all. They have experience in players like Suarez and Cavani who provide scoring and playmaking, while they also have young talent in Darwin Nunez and Ronald Araujo who provide physicality and defense.

South Korea

When you have a world class goalscorer in Son Heung-Min, the sky is the limit. When Heung-Min gets hot, he is hard to stop, which could lead to a deep run.