Kyrie Irving: Local Hooper Gone Too Far…


Liam Telesca, Staff Writer

Kyrie Irving, the crafty seven-time All Star, may be idolized on the court, but is proving himself to be a questionable influence off of it. Kyrie grew up in West Orange, New Jersey and attended St. Patrick’s High School in Elizabeth. Kyrie seems to have been a pretty good, capable student. Since, though, it seems he can at times be easily swayed by less than credible online materials.

Kyrie once believed and promoted the idea that the earth is flat. Following, he dug his feet in the ground and refused to get vaccinated in order to play. Most importantly, a few weeks ago, Irving tweeted to his millions of followers a link to an anti-semitic movie. This insulted many people around the world which led initially to meager consequences that gained both speed and severity in the days to follow.

After the tweet was removed, Kyrie faced consequences from his signature brand, Nike, and the Brooklyn Nets themselves. Irving lost his contract with Nike and received a ‘to-do’ list in order to return to the Nets. He must apologize and condemn the film he promoted, make a $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes, complete sensitivity training, complete anti-semitism training, meet with the ADL and Jewish leaders and finally meet with team owner, Joe Tsai, to demonstrate an understanding of the situation. With that being said, Kyrie will no longer be able to return until further notice of completing the these steps.