St. Peter’s Prep Dramatics Takes on “The Outsiders”


Dylan Perez (center), Christopher Sheppard (left), and Joseph Doody (right) in dress rehearsal. (image cr. Mark Wyville)

Ian Wilson, '21, Staff Writer

The Prep Dramatics crew is taking on the beloved novel turned movie, turned play “The Outsiders” for the first time as this year’s winter performance.

The cast considers this choice particularly special because it is one that “everyone can connect with,” said Andrew Smith, who will portray Sodapop.

Jim Dondero, director of the play and member of Prep’s Guidance Department, revealed, “The decision to perform ‘The Outsiders’ was made by the students so I hope it carries a particular appeal to the Prep community.”

Unfortunately, the Dean of Students could not be reached to make a statement on the influence of performing arts on the Prep community.

According to Smith, the production of the play has been “amazing” thus far; however, Mr. Dondero suggested that the production has run into some bumps along the way.

“The play date was moved up a month and that has made for some challenges,” said Mr. Dondero. “A number of actors were on the Rowing and Rugby teams and in Vox as well so coordinating schedules was difficult.” Smith was able to confirm that statement due to his participation in the Rowing team.

Despite the obstacles presented, Mr. Dondero thinks that the production has shown great progress, which Smith confirmed.

The production will take place December 12 through December 15 in the O’Keefe Commons. Buy your ticket at the door to support the Prep Community.