A Week of Spirit at Prep


Jeremy Kamber, Editor, Staff Writer

On January 6th, Ms. Eppler rolled out the newest programming for the student body: Prep’s Spirit Week. Hoping to bolster enthusiasm, pride and strengthen community, each day had something special in store, ranging from dress-down themes to scavenger hunts and dodgeball.

The week started off with “Prep Pride,” a dress-down day when students were expected to wear at least one piece of Prep clothing. The bustling hallways were filled with Prep colors of maroon, gray and white. Some wore varsity jackets and quarter zips, others adorned Prep hoodies and cardigans. This bustle had a particular quality to it, a jovial one, with a p[r]ep in its step. Indeed, students were walking to music played over the PA speakers between periods. As the week progressed, the music would journey through time: playing hits from the 80s then the 90s. By the end of the week, we were playing top hits in music today.

By Monday afternoon the bustle quickened. Students were now searching for clues in the ‘Treasure Hunt’ after school, having to rack their brains for knowledge about Prep faculty and comprehensive school history. One student lauded that the hunt was “incredible.” He “enjoyed learning about the different facts about the adults that work at Prep” and traveling to various classrooms throughout campus. He also liked “talking to teachers” to find the next clue in the hunt. This search kicked off a week with many fun activities including redesigns of the Marauder ‘P’ logo, a ‘Spirit Rally’ and more.

One of the highlights of the week was certainly the ‘Faculty vs. Senior Dodgeball Match.’ Both teams were eager to win with things becoming quite competitive. For one student, there were some “nerve-racking” and “hair-raising” moments, especially when it was up to one senior with the rest “counting on a catch” to win the game. Overall, he concluded, he “had fun,” and it was a “good set of games” even if the faculty came out victorious.

From what we’ve seen, Prep’s Spirit Week has been a smashing success — without the smashing of spirit. If the green light is given by Ms. Eppler for next year, this would be a great Prep tradition to carry on for the enjoyment of future students… and faculty!